I do have posts that I do weekly or at least try to, they include:

Book Blogger Hop
This is a weekly(if I choose to participate that week) post, where you go to Crazy-for-Books every Friday through Sunday and add your link and then check out other blogs that have added their link. I have participated in it quite a few times, and plan on continuing to participate in it. Some of these posts for the Hop included questions, so if you would like to check those out just click here. 

From My Bookshelf
This a weekly post I've decided to start doing again to add more content to my blog. It's most likely going to be books literally from my bookshelf, but it'll also be books that I read a while before my blog. A lot of those came from my local library, if they happened to have it. So not all books will be literally from my bookshelf. I will most likely try to post every Wednesday, but it just depends on how busy things get for me. I will also try to keep it up during school and bring a lot of my favorite books with me when fall semester starts.
This is literally like the title of the post says. It's just an update on how my life is and what reviews and other things are coming up with my blog. I started it after I started college to keep followers in the know about why I might of not posted a review when I said I would or why I might of not posted at all that week. I plan on doing it at least every Sunday, if not then than most likely on Monday.