Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hope in Patience

So sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Well for this one it's Hope in Patience by Beth Fehlbaum, which I got through Traveling ARC Tours.

About and Thoughts on Book:

15-year-old Ashley Asher continues to cope with the sexual and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather. Still living in Patience, Texas, with her father and stepmother, Ashley is rebuilding her life through therapy, new friends, and the support of her family. But old scars run deep, and Ashley relives the abuse in her nightmares and cannot accept the fact that her mother has chosen her husband, the abuser, over Ashley. 
From B&N

This is a powerful story that anyone should read. This book was incredible.The story starts slowly, with multiple flashbacks; despite the emotional tension, whether Ashley will continue to heal is never in doubt. The author  doesn't shy away from the brutality Ashley has suffered and the painful road she must walk, because the author herself has gone through this. It makes the details of this book that much more real, but some parts tend to go too far. Such as when Ashley is forced to go to the principal's office for cussing. He gets upset with her and starts shaking her. Still, you will want Ashley to get through this, and be able to move on. I was upset with some parts of this book, just cause the injustice of it all was so frustrating! But this is a book you do not want to miss out on. This is a sequel to another book called Courage in Patience. You should read that one as well. I didn't know that this one was a sequel, but I still enjoyed the book, it made lots of references to the first one. So please go out and read this book. 

So again sorry for not posting in a while. I have been super busy with school. I may not post as much as I use to anymore. I will still try to start getting a review in every week, but I can't promise anything, especially since I have exams next week.