Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Blogger Hop(17, I think)

So I haven't joined in on one these in quite a while, but I decided to again. So if your new to my blog and don't know about the Book Blogger Hop, then head on over to Crazy-for-Books where this awesome meme is hosted. It's just a way for you to find cool book blogs that you might of not known if not for this Hop. But one catch is that you can't just leave your link, you have to check out other blogs too. So if not for this Hop I wouldn't have nearly 90 followers! So what are you waiting for, go find some awesome book blogs!

And to answer this week's question:
I follow close to a hundred blogs!


Ava said...

Hi! I found you through the hop and I really like your blog, so I'm now following!
Have a fantastic weekend and stop by my blog if you have time.


The Book Bee said...

Hello, just stopping by from the hop and I like the lsyout of your blog. Have a great weekend!