Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some Girls Are

This is a book I've been wanting to read since I read a preview of it on Barnes and Noble. It's Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers.

About and Thoughts on Book:
Climbing to the top of the social ladder is hard - falling from it is even harder. Regina Afton used to be member of the Fearsome Fivesome, an all-girl clique both feared and revered by the students at Hallowell High ... that is, until vicious rumors about her and her best friend's boyfriend started going around. Now Regina's been "frozen out" and her ex-best friends are out for revenge. If Regina was guilty, it would be one thing, but the rumors are far from the terrifying truth and the bullying is getting more intense by the day. She takes solace in the company of Michael Hayden, a misfit with a tragic past whom she herself used to bully. Friendship doesn't come easy for these onetime enemies, and as Regina works hard to make amends for her past, she realizes Michael could be more than just a friend...if threats from the Fearsome Foursome don't break them both first.
Tensions grow and the abuse worsens as the final days of senior year march toward an explosive conclusion in this dark new tale from the author of Cracked Up to Be.
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Regina has been at the top her whole high school career. She was always the one giving the torture, never the one on the receiving end. Now she is. Now she knows just how much everyone hates her. She knew she was mean. She also knew that she was doing it because Anna told her to. She didn't want to lose Anna, didn't ever want to be on the receiving end of her torture. Now she is all because she told the wrong person what happened at a party. She told the one person who would spin it the wrong way and make her look bad. Now no one believes her when she tries to tell them the truth. Except Michael, who should hate her because of what she did to him. He should hate her just like her former friend Liz does. Liz received the same treatment that Regina is receiving, but there's one difference. Regina knows what these girls are capable of - at least she thinks she does - and she's going to fight back. She may be sorry for what she did to Michael and Liz, but she'll never be sorry to Anna and Kara because of how they decided to handle things.

I'm just glad I never had to go through this in high school. Yes at my high school people gossiped and spread rumors, but it was nothing compared to what happens to in this book. Also I was never one who went out of my way to get noticed, so things like this never came my way. Honestly girls can be brutal, especially ones who think they've been wronged in some way. I kept wanting to shout at Anna and tell her to listen and ask herself why Regina would lie about such a serious thing as being raped. But you could tell she didn't want to listen, just wanted to get revenge. Anna was always the mastermind behind the bullying, but she always had other people do her dirty work for her. They didn't stop at a simple freeze out and spreading of rumors. No they wrote whore on her locker, made a nasty website about Regina, and even went to the point of attacking her physically. Yet that's not the worse of it. When Anna finds out how important Michael is to Regina, she uses that against her, and tries to break them apart forever. I wondered as I read this book, where's the adults. Where are the people who are suppose to help in these situations. The ones who always say they're here for you if you need them. Those types seem to absent from this book. Yes Regina's parents are there, but they easily believe what she tells them. There are teachers and the principal, but they seem to ignore the obvious signs of something wrong with their students. So Regina is basically left on her own to deal with this, until her and Michael start becoming friends. She may have found someone to finally turn to. Yes this is a book about the mean girl finally getting what she deserves, but does anyone really deserve something like this to happen to her. Maybe in the beginning some people will be happy that she's finally getting treated like she treated everyone else at school. But there does come a point when enough is enough, and no one deserves things like this to happen to them even if they may have wronged people in their past.



Casey said...

Thanks for the great review! Books on bullying seem to be hot right now for publishers, although the agency I intern for continues to receive few queries on the subject. I find this interesting, since most of the time when a subject is hot (vampires, angels, ect.) the queries come flooding in non stop. Anyway, great review!

Sam @ Books For All Seasons said...

I'm definitely looking forward to read this book. Thanks for the honest review.


Unknown said...

I saw this book on Goodreads ever since then I have wanted to read this book :)

Unknown said...

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