Monday, January 18, 2010


I finished Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. I have already read Burned and Identical by her too. Both excellent books. I really like this author's style of writing.

About and Thoughts on book:
Three teens who have attempted suicide meet in a psychiatric hospital, battle their demons, and begin to heal.
The handsome son of wealthy parents, Connor has everything anyone could want—except his family’s love and affection. Jailed for years after killing his mother’s child-molesting boyfriend, Tony is confused about his sexuality. Manic-depressive Vanessa cuts herself. All three stories intertwine in a brutally honest story about pain and resilience.
 From B&N

I consider it one of my favorites, like the other ones of Ellen Hopkins I have read. It's about these three teenagers who don't have anything in common except for being in the same psychiatric hospital. They also have all tried to kill themselves. The ending is sad, and not what I expected. It's a book that really makes you think and worth reading.

Whatever I haven't I listed on other posts.

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