Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've decided to dye my hair blue. No not all of it. It already had blue streaks in it, but now that's faded, and I'm left with blond. I am not the type of person who likes having blond hair. I like having different kinds of color in my hair. The kind your not naturally born with. I've had dyed some of my hair purple, once I dyed the underneath red, and blue streaks has been the most recent. So as of this moment, I am sitting here typing with blue dye in my hair, waiting for the timer to go off and wash it. My cat, Twitch, one of five, has tried to dye her own hair blue. My mother would not be very happy with that. Good thing I stopped her.
On to other subjects. Well, I finally fell asleep at like eight or nine in the morning, not really for sure. I woke up a while ago. I barely got any sleep. I've been working on econ. preparing for a test and taking some notes. I have not gotten any more books that are on my list. At least I finished some of them. It's not a goal I have to finish. It's not a life or death situation. But I love to read, and the books on the list are books I've been wanting to read for a while now.
Well, the timer just went off, so I'll stop my rambling about blue hair, sleep, and books. I guess. Whatever.


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Ky said...

Lolz. I feel your pain girl. I'm naturally blond too. I've died my hair so many times I'm surprised my hair hasn't gone to crap. I liked my hair a dark burgundy but my roots looked horrible with it! Red hair with blond roots? Yikes! So now I'm back to a honey/gold blond cuz I can't stand bleach blond hair and my ashy blond is not a good all over color. :P Oh and another thought! I was at work the other day and some chick walked in with hair dye in her hair while she was buying a pizza! I was just like O.o ok... haha!