Monday, January 25, 2010


I finished another book off my list, which by the way seems to just keep growing instead of getting smaller. That's my fault. I keep finding books I want, and feel I need to read. Okay the book I just finished is part of the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I just finished the fourth one called Untamed. I finished the others three weeks ago, but it took forever to get this one. The library never seemed to have it when I wanted to read it. My twin sister is actually the one who got it. She bought it online from a used book seller, ironically it came from the San Diego County Library. I was mean to my sister, I did what she did to me. I tried reading the book before she did. My plan was not successful. She wouldn't even let me touch it till she finished it. She seemed to take her sweet time. I know my sister, if she's really into a book she can finish it in a day, just like me. She should of been like that with this one. It was really good.

Anyways, Thoughts on the Book:
The series is about this girl, Zoey Redbird, who is Marked and has to go live at this finishing school for fledgling vampyres. Everyone in this series knows about vampyres. Zoey is one of the most powerful fledglings. She is the only one ever to have her Mark, of crescent moon, to have it filled in before she goes through the Change. She also has additional tattoos that no one else, fledgling or adult vampyre, has. She's also has the affinity to control all five elements on earth, the only one to be able to do that too. In Untamed, Zoey is trying to get her friends back, and stop an evil from taking over. There's not much I can give away if you haven't already read the first ones.

Other News:
My blue hair turned out the way I wanted it too. My mom and sister where surprised when they got home that day, but my mother wasn't mad. Why would she be? She's let me dye my hair before, but I've always asked her before doing it. This time I didn't ask. I don't see the point in asking, it's my hair. I should be able to dye it whatever color I want. So enough of this. I'm done writing for now.


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