Friday, February 12, 2010


I just finished reading Evernight by Claudia Gray. I had been wanting to read this one since the summer. I had read a preview on Barnes and Noble's website. The problem was my sucky library never had it, and whenever I went to buy it, it was never there. Finally after digging through the shelf at WalMart, which had very little that's worth reading(at least that's how my WalMart is), I found it. It was hidden behind some others. I was so furious that I couldn't find it before that I almost shouted with joy when I finally did. I had been waiting months to read this book.

About and Thoughts on Book:
It's about this girl, Bianca, who is forced by her parents to go to Evernight Academy. Evernight has been around since the eighteen hundreds. It's pretty much still is like how it was before. At Evernight, Bianca meets Lucas. A boy she is really drawn to. He tells her to stay away from her at first, but he can't even fight their connection. He wants to protect Bianca, but Bianca isn't the one in the need of protecting. Bianca is a vampire, and so is everyone except the thirty or so human students, Mrs. Bethany let in this year. There's more behind why Mrs. Bethany let so many human students in for the first time since the school opened, and there's more to Lucas than Bianca knows.
I can honestly say I was disappointed. I had waited forever to read this book, and it simply didn't meet the hype I had given it. I did like it. It just wasn't what I expected. It started out good, it had to to get me so eager to read it. I just thought some parts were dull, and not what I expected. I still say if you like vampire books and the super natural, you should read it, and see for yourself if you like it or not. It's a series, and I'm going to read the next one to see if it gets better.

Other News:
3 more days! This is complete torture waiting to hear from Clemson. I can barely concentrate on doing my schoolwork, which is why I'm reading instead of studying for econ. or chemistry. I read when I'm stressed because it gets my mind on what's happening in the book instead of with me. This could explain my sleeping habits, but who knows, I'm not a doctor. It was a dream of mine back when I was younger, but not anymore. I can't even stand needles, or watching the surgery parts of Grey's Anatomy. I don't see myself administering medical advice to anyone in the future. I'll let someone else handle that. Well, this is all for this one.


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Ky said...

Great book is it not?! Don't get too overly excited though. The second one isn't as good as the first one. :/