Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life Is Average

I have recently become obsessed with going to the site . It's addicting I admit. Instead of working on school work, I'm reading random posts about the randomness of other people's lives. I feel it is a more productive way to spend my day(not really).I admit: I did submit a story about myself but have yet to see it published. Nowadays if I am getting yelled at by my mother or sister it is because I had decided to read some of the posts out loud. Come on, they have to admit some the things people put on there are HILARIOUS! I have even manage to get my sister into going on there every once and a while too. I like to say I'm promoting good habits. Or maybe not. So I know there are other people as obsessed with this site as I am. If not, go to the site, read some of the posts, I swear you'll love it, and will not be able to stop laughing. So I felt like randomly posting and rambling, and I guess I accomplished that. I am proud.


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