Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just a minute ago, my sister called and told me something that I screamed into the phone about. I got into Clemson! I haven't read the actual letter yet, but my sister told me that the envelope says "You're Tiger Bound." That has to be good. When she got her acceptance letter from Wake Forest, it said open immediately because there was dated material. She also told me that she could see the congratulations part of the letter. All good signs. She and my mom have gone to the grocery store, and won't be home for a little while. I'm just happy to actually know my fate.

Anyways I did finish reading the second book of the Sweep series. It's called The Coven.

About and Thoughts on Book:
In this one Morgan knows for sure that she is a witch and actually a blood witch. She thinks that this means her parents are blood witches too and her sister Mary K. She finds out she is adopted. She learns throughout the book about her birth parents and what happened to them. Morgan is also with Cal now, and is no longer friends with Bree. She's still learning things about herself and her powers.

I absolutely love this series so far. I'm almost done with the third one now, and am going to be so mad if I can't get the next ones soon. This series is really good. I'm so glad I started reading it.

So besides finally hearing from Clemson. I finished setting up my new bed frame, and got my new mattress. I just have to get a new comforter set. Right now nothing I have on my bed goes together. Well this one wasn't very long, but this is all for now.



Mg (LWS) said...

Well an early CONGRATS! :)

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Ky said...

Omg! Your mp3 player scared the crap outta me! AH! I was like "Where the hell is that coming from?!" Lolz.