Monday, February 15, 2010

First of the Sweep Series

I just finished yesterday the first book in the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. I bought a book that combined the first three together, so I went right into the second instead of stopping. The first is called Book of Shadows.

About and Thoughts on Book:
It's about this girl, Morgan Rowlands, who thinks she's just an ordinary girl and thinks there's nothing special to her. A new kid, Cal Blaire, shows up and every girl at Widow's Vale High wants him including Morgan's best friend Bree. Morgan has strong feelings towards him too, but thinks that she'd never have a chance with him. Cal introduces Morgan, Bree, and some others to Wicca. Through out the book, Morgan learns that she's not as ordinary as she thought and that has powers and is a witch herself.

I like this series so far. It's been out for some years now, but I just recently heard about it. I heard from a bunch of people that it's a good series, and they're right. I'm hoping that when I finish the second and third ones I'll be able to get the rest.

Other News:
Well today is the fifteenth, and it's the day that I'm suppose to hear from Clemson. Here's the thing, I haven't. I thought I would hear through email that seemed the best choice to tell someone. I didn't. I thought it was because the email I gave on my application was messed up, so I had my sister, who applied to Clemson too to check hers; they didn't send her one either. I haven't checked the mail yet, so if it's there today that would be great, but it's President day. Most likely it's not there today. So why they told me the fifteenth, I don't know. So the agony of this is being drawn out longer. Great. So I'm busying myself with school work and books(mostly books). I hope I know this week. Anyways, yesterday was Valentine's day. I didn't do anything. I was suppose to go to Ikea and get a new mattress and comforter. I didn't get to go. I also spent the day putting together my new bed frame. I don't really care for Valentine's Day. It's not because I don't have someone. I don't think I would care for it if I did. People who say they don't like it, usually talk about how it's a holiday created by the greeting card companies. I actually learned in the third grade that there was guy named Valentine. I don't remember the whole story, but supposedly this holiday is based from his story. I don't think greeting card companies created this holiday. I like to believe it's actually based off the story of Valentine. I wish I remembered his story, but it was third grade and that was the only time I remember hearing about it. Well this is all for now, and I'm going to go eat some jalapeno poppers(which are amazing by the way).



Blueicegal ♥ said...

oww i love this series its do damn addicting loving the template btw oh and i do not see the point of valentines day either its just like any other day for me really find it kind of pointles to be honest :P

Ky said...

Lolz. So ya Valentine's day basically celebrates a Saint who was stoned and then beheaded because he was marrying Christians and the pagans didn't like that. Bahahaha. I love how we celebrate a supposed Holiday for Lovers because of some guys death. Teehee. Bet that killed any romantic notions or origins for Valentines day. :P

I'm sure you'll get a reply!!! Don't sweat it!