Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eighteen - A Wonderful Age?

Well today I am officially eighteen-years-old. I can vote, I can buy cigarettes(not that I'm going to), I can get into clubs, and I can get my nose pierced without having my mom's permission. I also can get a tattoo(that one I may actually do), buy lottery tickets, and drive after midnight once I change my license. Except I feel no different than I did yesterday when I was still seventeen. Yesterday all I could do besides drive, was get into rated R movies without someone who was twenty-one. The first rated R movie I saw the day of my birthday was Watchmen. I thought it was worth it. Right now I can't really use any of my privileges, and here are the reasons: 1. There is not an election going on that I want to vote on. 2. I have no money to go buy a lottery ticket, get a tattoo, or get into a club. 3. I don't have a car, as of the moment, to go out to a club or to go buy anything. I feel that today is just another regular day in my life. The only thing I want to do is go get my hair dyed, and maybe get my nose pierced. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo later like during the summer, when I may actually have money. At eighteen I'm supposedly an adult. I sure don't feel like an adult. I was independent before, I guess I get to have even more independence now. I don't think just because I'm eighteen I'm an adult. I don't think an age determines that. I think I'll feel more like an adult when I'm finally moved out and gotten a real, lasting job. That's just my opinion. I'm going to go celebrate my birthday some more, since I still have many hours of it left.



Euphoria13 said...

How ironic, i had to write an essay on this topic for my English Class. On what does it mean to be an "adult" and how is a person an "adult" is it a chronilogical age or do experiences make you an adult? I believe it is the experiences that a person goes through in life. Through them we learn if we make mistakes or if we are making the right decisions. I felt the same way when i turned 18 last year, i did not feel any different from when i turned 15 or 13. Happy Belated Birthday! :)

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