Thursday, March 18, 2010

Such a Scandal

Just finished reading book 11 in the Private series by Kate Brian. It is called Scandal. Ever since I finished reading Suspicion in September, I could not wait till the next one came out. Which happened to be the 9th of this month. I didn't get to get it on the ninth, no money :( . Well my friend being the awesome person that she is, just bought it the other day. My sis and I have been letting her borrow all the other books in the series since we own them all, and she returned the favor. My sis and I actually finished it on the same day, and so she got it back the next day.

About and Thoughts on Book:
After her harrowing kidnapping, Reed returns to Easton to find that Billings has been torn down. Finally, after years of controversy, the school's wealthiest female has been overruled, and the historical dorm is gone. How will Reed and the rest of the Billings Girls handle it?

I started reading this series over a year ago. When I started reading it, all the books that Kate Brian had written so far for the series were out. There were only about 8 books out. So the only thing keeping me from reading them all was not having money when I needed it. I read the books really fast because they're all really good, and there's no way I could put them down. So once I had caught up, I had to wait till the ninth one, Paradise Lost came out in February of 2009. I had finished reading the eighth one, Revelation, a couple months earlier. Then when I finally got Paradise Lost, I had to wait till September and so on. Now I have to wait till August for the twelfth one, Vanished comes out. This is complete torture. Most of the books end open ended like the Sweep series. This one ended with Reed, the main character, getting an awful text from someone. Unlike the Sweep series, the Private series is not about witches. It's about an elite private school, Easton Academy in Easton, Connecticut. Reed has the chance of her life when she gets an scholarship to go to Easton, but the students at Easton are not as Reed would expect. Yes, they're rich and spoiled, but they seem to know everything about everyone. Then there is Billings, the elite girls dorm that only the most worthy girls can get into. Reed happens to become friends with the four most powerful girls at the school, and gets an in at Billings. But they may not be as good of friends as they seem. One may even be insane. There's a guy of course. In Scandal, Billings has been torn down and the girls separated, but Reed won't let it end like that. Reed sees Billings as more than just a house. It's her home and it's where she has a family and a place at Easton. There is a way that she can get it back, but what price does she have to pay to do that. There's a lot of suspense in the Private series, and if you haven't read it, you should definitely especially if you like mystery books. It's somewhat like the Pretty Little Liars series, so if you like that series you'll probably like this one. It's one of my favorites.
This is the end for this one. Still more books I have to finish.




Mel u said...

I found your blog via the book blog hop and am now a follower-Like you I am also a cat lover-I really like the design of your blog

ALN said...

Thanks that was nice of you. Yea I could not live without my cats.