Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Vegetarian Ways

You know what's hard about being a vegetarian? Well I don't know the answer for other people, but I do know what it is for me. It's hard being vegetarian when everyone else in your family are not. It's also hard when they forget that you're a vegetarian. Yea my mom did that a lot when I first became one almost two summers ago. It did come out of the blue to her, but it didn't to me. I had been thinking about becoming one for a while. I hardly told anyone when I first became one. I only did when they asked why I wasn't eating meat at lunch. Now most of my friends know, but they still seem to forget a lot. I also hate the question, "Why did you decide to become a vegetarian?" I don't know why I hate this question. Maybe because my answer isn't, "I don't want to hurt poor helpless animals." I don't, but my reason is because I hardly ever ate meat before, so it's not that much of a change, and for my health. I had my gallbladder removed when I was in the eigth grade after months of problems. The doctor said it was because of what I was eating. I'm not saying meat did it to me. It did take me over two years after that to stop eating meat. It was fast food. I hardly eat fast food anymore. Oh, and just because I'm a vegetarian does not mean I'm a crazy hippie obsessed with health. I could never be a vegan. I could not live without my dairy products. Also sweets is something I eat a lot. Cheese can be very unhealthy when you eat too much. I'm trying though, maybe unsuccessfully at the moment, but still I'm making some sort of an effort. I even put my habits onto this six-year-old girl I babysitted over the summer. She started eating meats less, but I think it was just around me. I saw her the other day, my sis and I took her brother and her to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland! Yes! It was awesome! Okay back to seeing the kids I babysitted, well we went to Wendy's after wards, where basically I either get a salad w/ no meat or I get fries and a Frosty. By the way, fries are awesome dipped in Frosties. The little girl got a burger so my ways no longer affect her, she's following my sis now. lol. Not really this girl is her own person all the way. So this was once again a random post. I just felt like typing this. Maybe I will be successful in becoming a lot healthier, hopefully before the summer.


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Kathleen said...

I contemplated being vegetarian as a teen too but ultimately decided it wasn't for me. I could do without beef and fish for sure and could probably do without pork but I liked hotdogs and chicken. I eat more meat now than I used to but I still don't like beef much. Good for you for doing what you think is right. It must be hard when your family isn't also vegetarian and even worse when they forget you are.