Monday, March 15, 2010

My Weird Cat

I finally have pictures of my new cat. Here some of them are:
He's very lazy. This is him laying on my mom's desk. He loves to do that and mess with her papers.
He actually looked at me for this picture. You can actually tell that he only has three legs.
In this one he thought that my book bag was the best place for him to lay since it had stolen his seat.
I like this one the best. I took all of them, but this one is the best I took out of any of them. Except it makes it look like he has four legs, and my mom is in the pic, she hated that part.

So this is my wonderfully, spoiled, weird, three legged cat. He would love to know that more people are seeing him. Right now actually he is in a fight with my sister's cat.


Euphoria13 said...

Aww! Cute Cat!! :D

ALN said...

thanks he'll appreciate that lol.

Anonymous said...

That is TOO cute! (",)