Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, I was having an okay day till a few minutes ago. I was getting caught up in classes I had gotten behind in, and  I've been trying to read some more. Then when I got home, my phone got ruined. The screen is cracked. I can't see anything on it. All I see is black and some white. Nothing that I want to see. How did this happen? Well my brother's wonderfully annoying dog decides that anything that touches the ground is his to take. Well my phone fell out of my pocket as I was getting out of my car. Yea the one time I drop it is when Vador( my brother's dog, I named him, as in Darth Vador, yes I have an obsession) is around. He picks it up immediately before I have a chance to even attempt to try to grab it. I wish my mother had a video camera, it was hilarious to watch my sis and me try to grab my phone out of Vador's mouth. Ewww! I know. We chased him around the yard for a few minutes, which made it worse. He thought we were playing. I'm not really that mad actually. I know that the phone can most likely be fixed. I'm not someone who needs their phone with them every second of every day. I do need it though, so tomorrow my mom and I are going to hopefully get it fixed. So this was yet another random post about something random in my life.
 I hope I don't have to get a new phone, I just got this one, which makes it worse. I'll live. I hope lol.


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