Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have a three legged cat!

It's the truth. I do have a cat with only three legs. We actually got him a couple of months ago. I just now felt like talking about him. I wanted to name him Anakin, you know since Anakin looses his arm in Attack of the Clones. Seriously, I love Star Wars. I am not that obsessed to actually wear the costumes, though. Well my wish was not granted because my new cat's name is not Anakin. My mom calls him Baby, her boss calls him Tiny Tim, and I sometimes call him The Little One. He doesn't care, he's spoiled.
Oh, so I guess I need to tell the story of how we got this wonderfuly spoiled cat. Well my brother, being the animal activist that he is(he's not really), called my mom one day while she was at work and told her he had something for her. My mom did not see this as a good sign. I'm there at my mom's office, for some reason I forget, and my brother was off from college. He had been hanging out at one of his friend's houses, and this small, white, fluffy cat came walking up to his friend's porch. It was just crying away. It looked malnourished, like it hadn't eaten in days. My brother's friends thought they should put it out of it's misery, but my brother picked him up, and told his friends to take him to my mom's office. My mom and I were at her office, having no idea what my brother was bringing. See, we already had six cats. We had just gotten a new one a few weeks before. Well, my brother came walking in with the cat covered by his jacket. He sat it on her desk, and I absolutely fell in love with it(I had always wanted a white, fluffy cat). My mom doesn't want it, she said we had too many cats already. Well, my mom's boss sees it, and she fell for it too. Her husband won't let her have another cat, though. Anyways, the cat was walking funny. It couldn't seem to walk on it's left leg. We thought it was just broken. I ended up going with my mom's boss to the vet that day to hold the cat in the car. He was very friendly, and loved riding in the car for some odd reason. Later that day we found out that the cat's left leg was paralyzed and it had to of happened when he was born. He was just about four months old when my brother found him. He also was only two pounds. The vet said that he had to have the leg removed because it could cause problems with his balance. The problem was that he had to be at least five pounds for them to be able to do the surgery. To shorten this more let's just say the cat is an office kitty, as my mom and her boss like to say. He spends the weekdays at their office, and the weekends at my house. After two weeks he got the surgery, but his hair is growing back really slow. He looks really weird without some of his hair, not that he didn't look weird without his left leg. Oh, and we gave one of our cats to my mom's friend, so we are down to five. So, The Little One, Baby, Tiny Tim, or whatever is doing good, but I have recently made a discovery about him. He seems to have two different personalities. At the office he is sweet, and loves to be around people. He doesn't care if you pet him or not, he loves the attention. At home, he's the exact opposite. He acts like we treat awfully. He doesn't want anything to do with us, and doesn't want us to pet him. I think it's because he has other cats to play with at home, and he only has my mom and her boss to entertain him at the office. I have told my mom we need to find a pet psychologist, even though I'm not even sure they exist. So this was my rant about my weird cat. I would show pictures if I had any uploaded on my computer. Believe me, there has been many taken by me, my sis, my mom, and her boss, but just on our phones. I think he is everyone's wallpaper. He believes he is the king, since we do treat him that way. Well, my rant is now officially over.


Euphoria13 said...

Wow! Okay 1 i love cats and 2 i absolutely LOVE Star Wars- I seriously do!

It would have been wicked cool to name your cat Anakin! No lie! You should post a pic up of him! He sounds so interesting! Lol

ALN said...

I am working on the picture. I think I may have one tomorrow. Yes, my mother was against the whole name the cat Anakin. She has let us name our other cats Charles Dickens(we call him Charlie), Mark Twain( we call him Twitch), Bobo(means fool in spanish, totally forgot that when I named her), and Roxy. I think she was tired of what she calls weird names. lol.